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First of all, thank you so much! I do not know you but I am sure you are pretty great. Because everyone involved in Ladystuck is obviously pretty great. Anyway, I'm getting to this whole letter deal kind of late so uh sorry! So. Yes.

So! First of all if you're going to be doing any further stalking of my person, you'd probably wanna check out my tumblr, luckydicekirby, as I pretty much never use this DW for, uh, anything.

Anyway, moving on to stuff I like! Frankly I am a very easy to please person. I like a lot of things? Particularly crazy/cheesy AUs (I really am sorry for that coffee shop AU request except sorta kinda not). But like actually, if you are feeling the AU for any of my prompts, feel free to make it AU! I will not mind. As far as the shipping-type requests go, I'm a big fan of cute little understated moments between to characters. Not like super schmoopy, just like... those small little things that make you go d'aaaaawwww. And for the more character-based requests I just really like stuff that contemplates areas of characters that we don't get to see a lot of in canon? So uh. Yeah! But really, I am not a picky person at all. Don't get too hung up on following any of my requests to the letter! As long as the ideas are there I will be one very happy person.

The only things that are really super turn-offs for me in fic would be either noncon or dubcon, and an excessive amount of violence. Other than that go wild! I have no problem with sloppy makeouts or more-than-makeouts of any kind.

Okay I'm trying to think if I have anything else to write here and I kind of...can't think of anything? I may stop by here later and write more if I think of anything, but for now all I really have to say is please have fun! You are awesome and great and whatever you produce is gonna be awesome and great. If you have anything more specific you wanna ask me, I guess just ask it through the Ladystuck mods?

So yeah! Happy writing/drawing/creating!


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